Barry Davies RCA grew up in Mid-Wales and from an early age was captivated by the beauty and perfection of nature in all its forms. As his observations became more acute, Davies would tirelessly draw these images from memory trying to replicate what he had seen.

With a natural flare for Art and a training as a precision engineer, he started up a small business in 1989 as a cabinet maker. Later embellishing the furniture with carvings, Davies developed this three-dimensional decoration to sculpture.

Dedicating himself to sculpture Davies studied Art History with the Open University where he was fascinated by early renaissance masters, namely Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo who used the ‘Golden Ratio’ and the ‘Fibonacci sequence’ to proportion their work.

Davies furthered his career as a sculptor creating many commissioned portrait busts during the mid-1990’s, hewn from solid blocks of Carrara marble imported from Italy using these mathematical applications.

Davies’ concept is to tap into the beauty inherent in Natural history, more specifically – Palaeontology, Anthropology and human and animal anatomy. Davies’ work has been on exhibition in Mayfair, Pall Mall, Barcelona, Milan, Verona, Paris, Venice, Rome and Uffizi Gallery, Florence. 

Although Davies’ work is generally figurative in his statuary and sculpture, he pushes this boundary to adopt a more contemporary feel. In collaboration with Dogtooth the ‘Space Race’ is a good example of this, embracing both figurative traditions and contemporary thinking.