Chuck Elliott overlaps the precision and order of symmetrical geometry with mesmerizing digitally drawn non-repeating patterns. He explores notions of contemporary drawing using a high-end computing system and the latest digital drawing tools.

His vibrant prints are energetic yet rhythmically soothing; pools of colour ripple, whilst smooth chromatic ribbons flow with electronic clarity, sheening like a lacquered metallic surface.

There is a reference to psychedelia in the visual indulgence of Elliott’s work, but it is rooted intellectually in his meticulous attention to detail and the mathematical application of numeric formulae and 3D simulation programmes.

The intensity of Elliott’s work offers a dynamic visual aesthetic for both modern and classical settings. The sense of free-flowing vitality, under-layered with an appealing sense of order, replicates the familiarity of architectural rhythm and asymmetrical structures found within the natural world.

Elliott’s work connects us with energies that govern the geometry of life, whilst plugging into the processes which expand the reaches of contemporary culture. There is also a departure from traditional forms of framing. Elliott will occasionally frame his printed work behind glass, yet the majority sits between two plates of Perspex, with the front mounting as a clear, high-grade, UV filter. Sitting without a border, the resulting work has an extremely crisp and highly durable finish.