Holly Delaney is a young and emerging British artist who lives and works in Brighton. Holly graduated from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Fine Art in 2016 and is already an award winning artist with a growing list of international clients. Her practice is expressed through paintings of an abstract form, where gold leaf often dominates.

“The gold leaf has become my signature aesthetic. This evolved during my degree as an exploration of value in the modern; a place where everything is commoditised and where the concept of ‘authentic value’ has been muddied by the pretense of our online lives.

The use of gold is pursued as a metaphor for value at a time when it is increasingly difficult to delineate the border between value and perceived value, and it has since become an intrinsic element of my work.

I search for romance in every mark and desire that the lines and scores feel like thoughts on a page which each hold their own significance. I love what happens when paint is layered over the leaf, when you can see flashes and traces of the gold through the paint; and the gold leaf changing with the light throughout the day. I want my paintings to draw the viewer in so that they can consume it, on a guttural level where the aesthetic attraction is intuitive and it doesn’t have to be over-thought. My paintings aim to consume the viewer and allow for the viewer to consume the painting.”