Dogtooth Galleries specialises in Contemporary and Modern art from both national and internationally acclaimed artists. We are dedicated to supporting an open space platform that showcases exciting, original works by emerging and established artists, as well as sourcing highly sought after works from the secondary market.

Dedicated to be an innovative open space to support and showcase the work of exciting new faces, as well as emerging and established artists from the UK and across the globe.

Quality is an integral part of Dogtooth, we are deeply passionate about quality art. Our roster of artists is a clear reflection of that – from award winning established artists in their respective fields to exciting up and coming creatives, we are proud to showcase both, shoulder to shoulder, frame to frame in the very same space.

Every artist sews their own story into the fabric of Dogtooth, we are certain you’ll find something to suit your aesthetic palette in our wide eclectic collection. You can find our full selection of artists by clicking the button below.