A Dogtooth garment flatters every wearer, never goes out of style, and has the power all on its own to imbue a sense of confidence and prominence in even the meekest of gentlemen. Our tailors will guide you through the process with generations of craftsmanship to ensure you have an experience and a garment like no other. 

The Process

Our First Meeting

The clients tastes, interests and lifestyle are discussed and a picture of the man and his requirements is formed, the the cut and fit of the garment built around his needs. The cloth is chosen from a selection of the most exclusive British mills where we will steer you towards something suitable. The Tailor will then take the clients measurements, as well as notes on build, stance and posture. Later, at his station the cutter sketches the customers unique pattern, using expertise and instinct to create a garment where each panel is cut solely for the wearer.

The Process

Your Fittings

A few weeks later the customer returns for his first fitting where he can see and feel the beginnings of a suit that previously existed only in his imagination. Exquisite, hand worked details are added as the suit reaches completion, fine buttonholes, horn buttons and a discreet table that reflects centuries of tailoring tradition. The final pressing and your garment is ready for collection.

The Process


Few experiences can compare to the satisfaction of putting on a crisp bespoke garment. This piece of craftsmanship will become a second skin and through years of wear mould to form the modern day gentleman’s plate of armour.

“Its hard to be unimpressed by the miracle of tailoring: how a set of figures read off a measuring tape and translated into a paper pattern, becomes something that almost lives – a second skin in which to feel supremely comfortable”  

Mr Nick Foulkes 


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