Space Race

Resin, St Germaine Gilt Cream, Champagne leaf.

The SPACE RACE has landed at DOGTOOTH!

While Elon Musk and Richard Branson have embarked on their own space race, this exciting exclusive arrival has landed at Dogtooth Galleries.

Dogtooth has conceived this statement piece, brought to life by sculptor Barry Davies RCA. Working closely on the design and evolution of the process, the journey has been both intimate and collaborative between Dogtooth and Davies.

Using resin on a patinated bronze base and completed with an opulent silver finish, achieved with the use of St Germaine Silver Gilt Cream combined with the use of the luxurious champagne leaf visor, this pioneering figure explores the concept of pushing boundaries and what that means in the modern-day world.

Exploring a new world of art, the creation of this piece ventured out from Davies’ signature style of sculpture. Typically focusing on traditional realism, this contemporary twist of art is the perfect combination of minimalism while also exploring futuristic themes.

Despite it’s alluring simplicity, this complex sculpture uses the most technical and specific techniques to create such exquisite proportions – building outwards, almost in a skeletal way, this striking astronaut is created with such
specific details and geometric measurements. A bold, hypnotic work of art.

Additional information

Dimensions Height: 105 cm
Width: 85 cm
Depth: 30 cm