The Goldfinch

Hand built in mixed clays. Crackle glazes. Glass eyes. Gold lustre.

The Mother and child image holds a strong symbolic theme throughout art history, from early fertility goddesses to the Madonna and child instantly recognisable from Christian iconography so widely used in the medieval and Renaissance periods.
“I continue to revisit the Madonna & Child drawing on its familiarity to connect and comfort whilst exploring themes of family, evolution and gender using both historical and personal iconography.
The imagery for The Goldfinch was drawn from a relief attributed to Donatello, the focus of the child is not seen, I have added the goldfinch, a sacred symbol associated with sacrifice and resurrection but also a symbol for joy, positivity, and persistence.” – Alison Coaten

Additional information

Dimensions Height: 61 cm
Width: 23 cm
Depth: 28 cm